August New Moon Esbat

Our all-coven meeting for August was scheduled near the new moon, so we had a new moon ritual, introducing our aspirants to our ritual structure. Ivy led us as we honored Hecate and did petition magick, raising energy through chant.


August Esbat 2014: Sleep




August Esbat was spent evoking sleep under the Supermoon. Steph centered this ritual around a sleep working for one of our sisters who has been having serious issues with sleep.

Last Saturday night, we gathered together in a beautiful garden with friends and tradition sisters to honor goddesses of many cultures. Each sister was invited to create a shrine to a goddess of her choice. We had a procession, singing “I walk with the Goddess,” as we walked from shrine to shrine. We had over twenty five women attend, and had fifteen shrines built to honor the Lady in all her forms. It was a lovely night.

Hayley led the center of ritual as we gathered together to bless and consecrate our divination tools under the full July moon.


Litha 2014


Litha was spent with our loved ones, our circle and our shadow sister in the mountains about Lake Elsinore. Friday, once camp was set up, our shadow sister Kandy began a shrimp boil for dinner. Each of us volunteered to take a meal, and we’d all contribute to Saturday’s feast dinner. The shrimp boil was excellent, and we finished the evening with songs and wine around the fire. Saturday was warmer than the day before, and we started the day with delicious bagels. Much of the day was spent being lazy. When our sister Heather arrived with her husband and baby, we started the process of getting ready for our Litha ritual. Prior to ritual, we prepared the ritual space and created lovely flower crowns to wear.

The colors for this ritual were that of red and purple. The color of wine and roses. We sung a chant as we proceeded to the ritual space- it was separate from the campsite.

Aphrodite, Queen of Heaven,
Aphrodite, Queen of Earth,
Aphrodite, bring us pleasure,
Aphrodite, bring us mirth.

This ritual was patterned after a traditional Aphrodisia ritual within a Wiccan context. Once in the circle barley was spread to cleanse the area and altar. The gods were evoked with a mixture of modern and Orphic hymns. Aphrodite was bathed with sacred lustral waters, and the lore of the sabbat was read. The maiden blessed each sister individually. Hestia was honored, and rounds of libations were done. The fire was lit, and sisters took up drums and danced as Heather led a wonderful dancing meditation. And we danced, and drank wine and all was blessed and loved.

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