Ostara 2014

The word psyche, in addition to the name of a Greek goddess, also means soul or butterfly. This was the major theme of our Ostara celebration this year. We spent Ostara together at our main covenstead. As we do our best to time our sabbat rituals with the correlating time of the day, this meant that Ostara was a morning ritual.  The morning was cool, sunny and breezy- great weather for a Spring ritual!

We had tea, juice and mimosas prior to ritual, and had a lovely brunch feast afterwards. Beautiful teapots and teacups were brought by two of our sisters and everything was lovely.

Our signature color chosen for this ritual was orange, and it was prominently displayed in our ritual wear and décor.

In our ritual, we honored Psyche and Eros, as well as the butterfly. Monarch butterflies are a dwindling population, and we were able to honor them in our orange colors, as well as by charging a Milkweed plant- the host plant of the Monarch butterfly. We also sprouted seeds and retold the myth of Psyche and Eros. Lovely poetry focused on butterflies as well as the goddess Psyche was read in ritual.  Our oracle for this turn of the wheel was a Greek divinatory oracle. The actual oracle pieces were handmade by one of our sisters, and they, too were beautiful (and orange). We also got to see our sister Heather and her brand new baby.

The day wore on, and it was late afternoon when the last of the coven departed the covenstead. Another lovely day spent with sisters, celebrating the gods, the turn of the wheel, and the natural world around us.


For this full moon ritual, we honored the moon goddess with poetry. We also created jar moon candles with white and silvery glitter wax. The candles were made outside, dressed with moon oil and also charged in ritual. Blessed be!


We had the privilege of hosting a blessingway celebration for one of our sisters last weekend. Each of our sisters brought something delicious for the feast table, focused on the future mother’s favorite food- cheese, and the sacred space was decorate with her favorite color, green, as well as the color of motherhood, red. The difference between a baby shower and a blessingway is that while a baby shower focuses on the baby, a blessingway focuses on the mother.

The future mother, Heather was crowned in flowers and sat in her special throne for the event. We evoked and made offerings to four mother goddesses and a god, and then recited our matriarchal lineage. We sang Blood of the Ancients and made poetic offerings to the mother-to-be. We then each spoke birth blessings into a jar of water to be used in the birthing tub. Chelsea massaged Heather’s feet, while Hayley gave her a reading with the Motherpeace Cards. We did the red thread ceremony, which links us all together with a piece of red thread until the baby is born, and Giselle create a beautiful henna design on Heather’s belly. Heather received many gifts, as well!

We had delicious vegetable soup with fresh parmesan, an artichoke cheese dip, vegan meatballs, a cheese plate, breads and a beautiful homemade angel food cake with berries. We are so blessed and excited for Heather’s new life as a mother!




On the 22nd of February, we got together for our all-coven meeting. As our area has been in an awful drought this year, we decided to do a ritual to help make it rain. When the ritual began, it was planned to have a few showers the following Friday- 30% chance of rain. The next day, however, the news reports were wildly different. We were to have a three day storm, unlike any seen in years. I guess performing traditional rain ritual works!





This month, Ivy was out of town at Pantheacon, and Chelsea led a beautiful esbat ritual honoring the lady of the moon. The altar is so beautiful, you can really feel the energy through the photo!

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