Meet and Greet

Last weekend, we held a meet and greet for our aspirants. We had a lovely time meeting two of our aspirants, and enjoyed lots of good food and drink. We were planning to meet at a local park, but thunderstorms and rain had us scrambling to find a new venue. We ended up meeting at the HPS’s home and we met and chatted with the rain and thunder providing the soundtrack.



Summer Solstice 2015


We spent Summer Solstice at Pacific Circle Revival – a local Pagan camping festival. We were blessed to present the evening summer solstice ritual. Our ritual honored Aphrodite and Dionysus. Everyone was invited to give offerings to Aphrodite and to Dionysus while singing songs in Their honor. The ritual ended with libations. All of the leftover libations were brought up to the fire/drum circle that followed our ritual.

It was also really fun to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. We decorated our campsite with tapestries, hanging macrame shelves and candles. It made our campsite homey and comfortable, even in the really hot temperatures. We’ll likely attend the festival next year, too!




June Esbat 2015

June esbat found us honoring the goddess Securitas, the Roman personification of security. Heather C. centered this ritual, her first esbat center since becoming a first degree priestess. Blessed be!


Last month, we took a trip up the coast to the Getty Villa in Malibu. We had a potluck picnic and then strolled the museum grounds. The Getty Villa focuses on the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome and it was amazing to see these beautiful artifacts and spend time together in such beautiful surroundings.

Judgement of Paris


Pregnant Lady



May Esbat 2015

At this esbat, we did a working for one of our pregnant sisters.


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