June Esbat 2015

June esbat found us honoring the goddess Securitas, the Roman personification of security. Heather C. centered this ritual, her first esbat center since becoming a first degree priestess. Blessed be!


Last month, we took a trip up the coast to the Getty Villa in Malibu. We had a potluck picnic and then strolled the museum grounds. The Getty Villa focuses on the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome and it was amazing to see these beautiful artifacts and spend time together in such beautiful surroundings.

Judgement of Paris


Pregnant Lady



May Esbat 2015

At this esbat, we did a working for one of our pregnant sisters.


Beltane 2015

This year we honored Hathor and Horus at Beltane. We so rarely honor deities of the Egyptian pantheon and I think that made this ritual extra special. ┬áThe altar was dressed in red and Turquoise- Hathor’s color. As we have the past few years, we learned and executed a circle dance as part of the ritual. We also raised energy chanting a raucous chant! The offering to the goddess and god was a lovely dance created by Heather W, and we all made a joyful noise with tambourines throughout the ritual. As always, we finished our sabbat celebration with an epic feast! To us, Beltane is about joy and love and fun!

Our main altar!




Here’s our secondary altar- this was our circle dance altar.


April Esbat: Initiation

This past weekend, we initiated Tracy and Heather as priestesses in our inner court. Beauty.


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