January All-Coven Meeting


Instead of meeting at night, we met in the morning for a plant walk hosted by Heather. We met at the Powder Canyon Trailhead and walked for a little more than an hour. We recognized many of the plants that we saw on our walk from the plant walk Heather led last spring.


We lucked out; it was a beautiful day, and it was a great time!


January Esbat 2015



Winter Solstice 2014

This year, in addition to family and friends, we opened our solstice gathering up to two local groups: So Cal Sister Witches, and the Long Beach Pagan Meetup, and as a result, we had a beautiful turnout. This was our largest ritual yet, and it was a lot of fun.


This year, we honored the Divine Mother and the Child of Promise as our deities in ritual. In the Wiccan wheel of the year, Solstice is the time when the Sun God is reborn to the Divine Mother, and we look forward to waxing days, and waning nights.

We rebirthed the sun god with song and movement, burned our wishes for the new year in our Yule Log, and toasted our successes this year. In doing this, we got to know a little about each person through their achievements.  We asked the Sun God to bless a basket of charms, asking Him to guide the hands of our participants that they choose the charm meant for them.

After ritual, we had a potluck feast, the children colored Yule-themed pictures, and the party moved indoors as the coven members began to clean up. It was a lovely time, and it was great to meet new friends and see old ones!

Below are a few photos, but a slide show is available on the Photos page.







December Esbat 2014


I forgot to take a picture of the altar this month, but here is a shot I took on the way to ritual! Our December esbat was open to our dedicants and shadow sisters and centered around simply honoring the moon. We are a reflection of the goddess. We each have a part of her inside of us. We sung poetry to her, raised our glasses and toasted to Her, and lit candles and sang a song. It was a lovely time spent together.

Also included in our ritual, this common Diana evocation:


Diana of the rounded moon,
The Queen of all enchantments here,
The wind is crying through the trees,
And we invoke thee to appear.
The cares of day departed are,
The realm of might belongs to thee;
And we in love and kinship join
With all things, wild and free.
As powers of magic round us move,
Now let time’s self dissolve and fade.
Here in the place between the worlds
May we be one with nature made.

Thy consort is the Horn’d One,
Whose sevenfold pipes make music sweet.
Old Gods of life and love and light,
Be here as merrily we meet!
For ye the circle’s round we tread,
And unto ye the wine we pour;
The sacred Old Ones of this land,
Ye we invoke by ancient lore
By magic moon and pagan spell,
By all the secrets of the night,
Dreams, desires and mystery,
Borne on the moonbeams’ silver light.


Our priestesses never fail to amaze! Last Saturday evening, Heather led us in a wonderful workshop to connect with Yemaya and the water element within us through meditation and yoga. It was a beautiful experience as she led us through meditation and gentle yoga with lovely moon and water imagery.

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