October Esbat: Dumb Supper

dumb1October’s esbat finds us in a month of increasing darkness. Each year, on October esbat, we honor our ancestors with a traditional dumb supper. At a dumb supper, the ancestors are invited to the table. We eat in silence, listening for words spoken by our ancestors, opening our senses so that we can feel them near. Many people incorporate a dumb supper into their Samhain celebrations, but we do this at October esbat.

Pagan Pride Day 2014



Sunday, we participated in the annual Pagan Pride Day in Long Beach, California. This would make eleven years attending, ten years vending! This year, we had a double booth, as we have more sisters than ever, and therefore more fun items to sell. We sold books, home decor, tinctures, oils, holy water, jewelry, bookmarks and hair adornments. There were more attendees this year than last year for sure, and our booth had a lot of traffic, all day. We watched sisters from our sister coven perform their music, and some of us attended rituals, and workshops.


This year, we presented our first public ritual. We had a small amount of attendees , and made our ritual purposefully short. This was good, because the ritual area this year was moved out next to the street. The street traffic was VERY loud and it was difficult to hear, even with a small circle. It was a great experience, though and we raised a lot of energy to put toward the community. Our ritual was based upon awareness of what “the community” is and how everyone can contribute. We tied our own leaves to a small tree.



Mabon 2014



For Mabon this year, we decided to honor the indigenous people of the land on which we live. A lot of research went into this ritual. We learned the names of the native tribe who lived in our area, the native foods they ate, some of their words, and the deities they honored. We spoke aloud our gratitude and gave thanks and honor to the land spirits. Our divination was one of animals and stones, and our meditation was lovely. Hope your Mabon was blessed, as well!


We are putting on our first public ritual this year at Pagan Pride Day LA/OC. Join us at 2:00PM in the ritual area, directly following the main ritual. We will be doing a ritual to help build our community.

You can also check out our booth, we’re usually close to the front of the festival. We’ll have books, bookmarks, crowns and kerchiefs! Creative divination tools, witchy decor, ritual oils, candles, smudge bundles and tools. Tinctures and teas, too. And all kinds of other handmade things. We’re going to have a big booth this year.

Also, make sure you visit our sister coven’s booth, Coven of Midnight’s Flame. Hopefully, we’ll be next to one another again! Two of our tradition sisters are also singing at 12:30 as “Shadow Sisters.”

September Esbat 2014


20140909_212600September’s esbat was a  working for our High Priestess.

OK, so it’s Ivy writing, and it’s hard to write this one in third person.

I had no idea. They planned this ritual that I had no knowledge of, in order to bear blessings, gifts and gratitude upon me. They each told me how she positively impacted each and every one of their lives, and how the coven that I birthed changed them. They honored me with blessings, evocations, energy and gifts, on this- my birthday month. It was amazing, and I am overflowing with gratitude.

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