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Welcome to the circle, Hayley and Heather!

  Welcome, Hayley and Heather! Hayley and Heather dedicated tonight, on the new moon, to Twilight Spiral Coven. Classes will start in the next few weeks for our dedicants, and we’re super excited to have these amazing women join our circle.

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Etiquette and Manners

[by Ivy]   I know that I’ve posted this on my personal blog- it was one of my E posts for the Pagan Blog Project this year, but I thought it was worth a repost, since many are going to open events and festivals this summer. Joining a coven to attending an open event, there are some rules of etiquette that […]

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Wiccan Ethics ~ An’ it harm none, Do as ye will

[by Chelsea] An’ it harm none, Do as ye will.  By these words, many Wiccans live their creed.  To some more outwardly pious folk, a lack of a long set of rules might seem shocking.  Yet this rede, or advice (as opposed to commandment) is one of the fundamental ethical bases for our religion, Wicca […]

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