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Ostara 2013

This past Saturday morning, we held our Ostara ritual. This year, we’ve decided to time our rituals to align the energy of the earth with the energy of the turning of the wheel. This means morning ritual for Ostara and Beltane, noon ritual at Litha, and then afternoon ritual for Lughnsadh and Mabon. We were […]

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What is a Priestess?

Priestess is defined by Merriam-Webster in two ways:  1) a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion and 2) a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement).   In a Wiccan coven, one usually finds a High Priestess and usually a High Priest. In Twilight Spiral Coven, as we are […]

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March Meeting Madness

Whew- crazy (and fun) March gathering! The inner court priestesses participated in an activity to connect more closely to the elements, and new ritual pieces were assigned. Following Giselle’s dedication, Chelsea presented her workshop on the element of air. You can see her lovely air altar in our photo. We also constructed beautiful wind catchers, […]

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Dedication: Giselle

Let it be known that Giselle has dedicated herself to Twilight Spiral Coven last Saturday night- 3/9/2013.

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Winter 2013 Initiation: Hayley and Heather

May it be known that both Hayley and Heather are our newest initiates into Twilight Spiral Coven, and the Twilight Tradition of Wicca. Blessed be!

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