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Full Moon Esbat June 2013

  June’s Full Moon Esbat was centered around Maeve, the Irish queen- chooser of Kings. Prior to ritual, we created multi-media pieces that illustrated (and symbolized) queenly power. We spoke of choices made, the queenly way, and made offerings to Maeve. It was an introspective ritual for personal work on the moon of June.

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Litha 2013

  Litha found Twilight Spiral Coven at the covenstead of Coven of Midnight’s Flame. As we hosted them at Ostara, it was now their turn to host- and they did not disappoint. Putting together a lovely Greek-themed ritual, they incorporated the power of the sun at the Summer Solstice and elements of Greek culture, such […]

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June All Coven Meeting 2013: Element of Fire

This past Saturday, Chelsea led us in a class on the element of fire- we had a quiet fire meditation, while listening to a steady drumbeat led by another sister. We discussed what fire means to us, and how we see fire in our lives. Our main activity was creating wooden staves. The wand is […]

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May All Coven Meeting 2013: Runes

This blog entry is a little bit slow in coming, I know. ¬†As we progress into summer, and have longer days, it seems like those days are just flying by. In May, I led a workshop on runes for both our coven and Coven of Midnight’s Flame. We are all at different knowledge levels when […]

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