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February Esbat 2014: Honoring the Moon

  This month, Ivy was out of town at Pantheacon, and Chelsea led a beautiful esbat ritual honoring the lady of the moon. The altar is so beautiful, you can really feel the energy through the photo!

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Imbolc 2014

This year, we celebrated Imbolc at Heather’s house, as she led the ritual as part of her training for her second degree. We invoked the spirit of inspiration within us, and presented creative offerings to Brighid. We also honored Niall of the Nine Hostages alongside Brighid. After ritual, we feasted on many dishes that incorporated […]

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New Moon Esbat- January 2014

While we don’t often do esbats on the new moon, it is required for our initiates to lead a new moon ritual as part of their journey to the second degree. Hayley led this month’s new moon esbat honoring Blodeuwedd.

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Full Moon Esbat- January 2014

Giselle centered January’s Full Moon Esbat- her first foray into her second degree studies. We honored Nehalennia, a lesser known goddess in northern Europe. Nehalennia was especially known to those who traveled upon the sea, and her presence is known today due to many types of small votive altars scattered upon the coastline.  

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