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Ostara 2014

The word psyche, in addition to the name of a Greek goddess, also means soul or butterfly. This was the major theme of our Ostara celebration this year. We spent Ostara together at our main covenstead. As we do our best to time our sabbat rituals with the correlating time of the day, this meant […]

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March Esbat 2014: Moon Candles

For this full moon ritual, we honored the moon goddess with poetry. We also created jar moon candles with white and silvery glitter wax. The candles were made outside, dressed with moon oil and also charged in ritual. Blessed be!

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Heather’s Blessingway (Mother Blessing)

We had the privilege of hosting a blessingway celebration for one of our sisters last weekend. Each of our sisters brought something delicious for the feast table, focused on the future mother’s favorite food- cheese, and the sacred space was decorate with her favorite color, green, as well as the color of motherhood, red. The […]

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February’s All-Coven Meeting: Rainmaking Ritual

  On the 22nd of February, we got together for our all-coven meeting. As our area has been in an awful drought this year, we decided to do a ritual to help make it rain. When the ritual began, it was planned to have a few showers the following Friday- 30% chance of rain. The […]

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