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Upcoming Open Event: Pagan Pride Day 2014

We are putting on our first public ritual this year at Pagan Pride Day LA/OC. Join us at 2:00PM in the ritual area, directly following the main ritual. We will be doing a ritual to help build our community. You can also check out our booth, we’re usually close to the front of the festival. […]

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September Esbat 2014

  September’s esbat was a  working for our High Priestess. OK, so it’s Ivy writing, and it’s hard to write this one in third person. I had no idea. They planned this ritual that I had no knowledge of, in order to bear blessings, gifts and gratitude upon me. They each told me how she positively impacted each and every […]

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August New Moon Esbat

Our all-coven meeting for August was scheduled near the new moon, so we had a new moon ritual, introducing our aspirants to our ritual structure. Ivy led us as we honored Hecate and did petition magick, raising energy through chant.

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