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November All-Coven Meeting: Yoga and Yemaya

Our priestesses never fail to amaze! Last Saturday evening, Heather led us in a wonderful workshop to connect with Yemaya and the water element within us through meditation and yoga. It was a beautiful experience as she led us through meditation and gentle yoga with lovely moon and water imagery.

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Autumn 2014 Dedicants

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate and honor our three new dedicants, Try, Heather and Allison! Try and Heather dedicated on 10/18/14 and Allison dedicated last night on 11/13/14.

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November Esbat 2014

November esbat brought a high and bright full moon and a chill in the air. The time between Samhain and Winter Solstice is a very quiet time, almost like the calm before the Sun is reborn at Solstice. November is the perfect time for inner work and divination. It is dark as we creep closer […]

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Samhain 2014

On Samhain, we celebrated Nos Calan Gaeaf and honored Welsh deities Brenhines Annwn and Arawn, who is Pen Annwn. The beloved dead are known as The Silent Company by the Welsh, and the act of putting food out for the dead was known as Food for the Embassy of the Dead.   We honored our […]

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