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Ostara 2015: Wiccaning

  This Ostara we celebrated the coming of Spring and new beginnings by hosting a Wiccaning for a coven sister’s daughter. Friends and family of the coven sister were invited, making it a mixed religion/trad ritual. Attendees were invited to bestow blessings upon the child, and it was a beautiful ceremony. The weather was perfect for […]

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March All-Coven Meeting 2015: Norse Lore

March’s all-coven meeting was led by Giselle. Giselle’s chosen emphasis (specialty) in the coven requires a vast knowledge of the lore of the Norse people. She led the coven in an interactive lecture where we learned the structure of the Norse gods, as well as the different types of spirits involved in the life of the […]

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March Esbat

We focused on creating a foundation for our goals at this virgo moon esbat.  

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February Dark Moon Esbat 2015

  Sometimes, rather than meeting on the full moon, our initiate priestesses gather on the dark moon. We gathered on this February evening to focus on Shadow work together.    

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