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Yule 2015

  Yule, as per coven tradition, is our main friends and family ritual. This gives us a chance to invite all of our friends and family to our ritual. This year, along with the Sun God, we honored The Cailleach- the crone goddess of winter. After ritual, we hosted a book swap, where our priestesses […]

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All-Coven Meeting December 2015

December’s all-coven meeting was spent creating vision boards. Ivy led us through some pre-planning activities to help us focus our vision and also to make sure that our vision could be manifest wholly by seeing it through four different lenses. Crafting a vision board in the company of sisters was a very different experience, as […]

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Samhain 2015

This Samhain, as per coven tradition, we built our ancestor shrine. In our ritual, we honored Hecate and Hades. We had a processional to our ancestral ritual space, and shared stories about our ancestors and talked about our family trees. We gave offerings and had conversations with our ancestors during deep meditation. Heather wrote our […]

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