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August Meeting 2016

For this all-coven meeting, we created personal oracle decks using Magic the Gathering cards. Beginning with exercises meant to find connections with the cards, we each ended up with our own personal Magical oracle to take home.

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Lughnasadh 2016

Lughnasadh found us at a local county park with our friends and family tribe. We began the afternoon by creating corn dollies from fresh corn. The corn went in circle with us, and post-circle, we grilled it as part of our feast. There were outdoor games to play, new friends made, children laughing and an […]

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June Esbat 2016

For this esbat, we did a very intense working for the Yezidi women. Following this ritual, we made a monetary donation to the Yazda organization.

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Midsummer 2016

Our midsummer celebration honored Aphrodite and Dionysus during a fun ecstatic ritual. We shares food with the gods, burned offerings of bones and fat, danced ecstatically and imbibed wine!

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May Meeting 2016

A beautiful altar that Hayley put together for her coven workshop on archaeomythology and the pre-patriarchal goddess and incorporating these aspects into our lives.

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