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Mission, Vision and Values – January 2016

The inner court gathered together in January to complete a discussion on our mission, our vision and our values. This discussion began in December, but was tabled until we could have time to think about what these things meant, and what they meant to us as a group. Our About Us section will be updated to […]

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Responsibilities of our Coven Sisters

  Responsibilities of a Dedicant (Seeker) To attend all events to which she is invited To attend bi-weekly classes To learn and acquire circle etiquette To learn about the Wiccan ritual outline, as it applies to TSC ritual To learn and understand the TSC altar To memorize TSC quarter calls To become part of the […]

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Twilight Spiral Coven will be born Lughnasadh 2012

While the information on this page is accurate, TSC will be born at Lughnasadh 2012. Until then, check out http://twilightmooncoven.blogspot.com or http://www.facebook.com/twilightmooncoven for information.

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Why Women Born Women?

by Ivy Twilight Spiral Coven is made up of women-born women only. Does this mean that we are prejudiced towards (non women-born) people who identify as women, or those who are transexual or transgendered? No, not at all! Women who grew up as girls have had different social experiences than women who didn’t grow up as women. […]

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