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April Esbat: Initiation

This past weekend, we initiated Tracy and Heather as priestesses in our inner court. Beauty.

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Autumn 2014 Dedicants

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate and honor our three new dedicants, Try, Heather and Allison! Try and Heather dedicated on 10/18/14 and Allison dedicated last night on 11/13/14.

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Syl’s Initiation

Last night, Syl was initiated into Twilight Spiral Coven. We are so excited to welcome this sister into our inner court and our sisterhood family.    

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Chelsea Elevated to 2*

After much work and dedication, let it be known that Chelsea has been elevated to second degree!

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Giselle’s Initiation

Last night, we initiated Giselle! She’s worked very hard and has been part of us for over a year, and it was a lovely ritual. She is now the owner of a 1* green cord. Upon initiation, ones responsibilities increase. Now, she’ll be attending esbat circle, as well as contributing to the sabbat rituals and […]

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